Sexual Assault case

Kevin Spacey sexual assault case could be dismissed, judge says

The man was asked to testify Monday regarding text messages he sent and received on the night in July 2016 that he encountered Spacey at a Nantucket restaurant. Spacey's lawyer contends that the young man had deleted text messages that could back up Spacey's assertion that whatever happened that night was consensual flirtation.

After the lawyer, Alan Jackson, told the man he could be charged with a felony for deleting evidence, the man invoked his constitutional right to protect himself from self-incrimination.

Vanuatu woman stabs attacker on bus

The Vanuatu Daily Post said the incident happened one night in April as the woman went home.

The man sat next to the woman and sexually harassed her verbally while touching her lap.

The woman took out a small knife and stabbed him twice before escaping out the window.

After reporting the incident to police, the woman said she was approached by someone demanding compensation for the perpetrator's loss of blood.


Afghan Vice-President Dostum accused of sex assault

The accusation came from Ahmad Eshchi, the former governor of General Dostum's home province of Jowzjan in the north.

He said the vice-president and 10 other men assaulted him while he was forcibly kept at the former warlord's residence for five days late last month.

Gen Dostum denied the accusation, describing it as a "provocation".

He said Mr Eshchi was detained not by him, but by the country's intelligence service.