Silicon Valley

Tech workers protest Trump on Pi Day

Hundreds of protesters joined a Pi Day rally in San Francisco Tuesday afternoon to oppose Trump's policies on issues like immigration and healthcare.

Does Silicon Valley have a sexism problem?

Susan Fowler, a software engineer, wrote a blog post about a "very, very strange year at Uber".

In it, she says her manager tried to have sex with her on her first official day at work, sending her messages about his open relationship.

It's just the latest blow for a company that has gained a reputation as a bastion of Silicon Valley's macho "bro" culture.

But is Uber really any more sexist than other tech giants in the Valley?


'Impacted my job'

Why Silicon Valley's top execs are obsessed with taking walks

In a new book, Pixar's first chief financial officer details the hundreds of walks he went on with Steve Jobs during the company's formative years. The conversation would meander from business to personal.