Single shot vaccine

Single-shot vaccines arriving soon in Vanuatu

This would be the third COVID-19 vaccine to be used in Vanuatu, after AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. The vaccines will be supplied by the governments of Netherland and Portugal, through the COVAX Facility.

The single-shot vaccine is ideal for hard-to- reach and more remote communities where people have to walk long distances to the vaccination sites and recalling people for a second dose might be a challenge.

Ni-Vanuatu people in remote areas to receive single-shot COVID-19 vaccine

Director of Public Heath, Len Tarivonda said a request has been made for the U.S. Government to provide Vanuatu with 100,000 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Tarivonda said the single-shot vaccine is cheap for areas that are hard to reach while the two-dose vaccines are logistically easy in an urban setting.

Vaccination is currently being rolled out in SHEFA and SANMA provinces.

So far, around 66,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered on Efate and Santo.