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Vanuatu govt's plans to remove speaker parked until next Wednesday

It says the motion to remove the Speaker Seoule Simeon is an ordinary motion, unlike one affecting the ousted prime minister Islhmael Kalsakau, and as such requires 15 days' notice before it can be debated.

Sato Kilman's new coalition government, which came to power after weeks of court battle and vote of no confidence in the government of Kalsakau last week, wants to remove Simeon, who was appointed by the former PM's administration.

Kilman's government had expected to be able to hold a vote today, Tuesday 12 August.

Seoule Simeon is new Speaker of Vanuatu Parliament

The position was put to vote this afternoon after Shadrack tendered his resignation effective immediately.

Simeon resigned as a Minister to stand as a candidate.

He polled 32 votes against 16 for Ephraim Boereve from the Opposition.

After the election, Shadrack congratulated his successor and urged him to be neutral and impartial.

Shadrack is locked in a dispute with the Government after he declared the seats of 19 Government members including Prime Minister Bob Loughman vacant for missing three sittings of Parliament.

Vanuatu speaker suspends prime minister, his deputy and 16 MPs

RNZ Pacific understands a Supreme Court challenge is already being prepared.

Gracia Shadrack made his declaration as parliament prepared to hear two votes of no confidence this morning.

One was a government motion to have the Speaker removed, that feud saw 19 government MPs, including prime minister Bob Loughman, boycott parliament for three days last week.

Mr Shadrack argued that a constitutuional provision ruled that a seat be declared vacant if an MP is absent from parliament for three consecutive sittings.

Newly-elected Vanuatu PM visits Speaker of Parliament

The visit on Wednesday comes two weeks after Mr Loughman’s election as Prime Minister of the 12th Legislature of the Republic of Vanuatu.

He was welcomed by the Deputy Speakers (DS) of parliament namely, 1st DS Samson Samsen, 2nd Speaker Edward Nalyal, 3rd Speaker Assang Sanick and 4th DS Nako Natuman, before meeting with Speaker Gracia Shadrack.

After the welcome by the Deputy Speakers, PM Loughman was accompanied to the Office of the Speaker for a closed meeting.


New speaker of Vanuatu parliament elected

The parliament is sitting for the first time since the March election today, where a new prime minister and speaker will be selected.

Mr Shadrack is a member of the Leaders Party and the member for Malekula, and he was unopposed in his nomination to speaker.

He takes over from Simeon Seule, who last year ruled Mr Shadrack's seat vacant after he missed three sittings, a ruling that was overturned by the Supreme Court.

The parliament will select a new prime minister later this afternoon.


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