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Vanuatu finished scoreless in first women’s table tennis event

The team went down to Uganda 3-0 on Saturday.

Vanuatu’s Roanna Abel and Tracey Mawa were scoreless 3-0 in the doubles event against Uganda’s Judith Nangonzi and Jemimah Nakawala.

Representing the island nation in the singles event, Stephanie Qwea was scoreless 3-0 against Florence Seera.

Uganda continued to capitalize in another singles event after they beat Vanuatu 3-0.


Vanuatu athletes compete in their events

He will be rowing for 30th or 31st place out of 31 in the regatta.

Table tennis competitor Yoshua Shing lost his game 4-0 to Argentina’s Cifuentes Horacio.

Horacio is ranked 75th.

Judoka Hugo Cumbo will compete on Tuesday 1pm (Van time)


Photo Caption: Vanuatu rower Rillio Rio 


Golden start for Vanuatu table tennis

A tearful Stephanie Qwea from Team Vanuatu said: “It means a lot to me, and it’s a privilege that we won gold in the team events, I’m just so happy.”

Fiji had to settle for silver, and their coach Chanung Jung said they “will train harder” in future.

New Caledonia beat Tahiti in the bronze medal match.

Following a high energy bout of matches in the men’s team event, Tahiti walked away with gold, defeating New Caledonia 3-1.

Fiji took home bronze after defeating Vanuatu.

Minister supports Vanuatu table tennis team to Pacific Games

Vanuatu Table Tennis team achieved gold in the Van2017 games in Vanuatu and Mr Napuat has called on the team to maintain its status quo and make Vanuatu proud by winning more gold medals.

“We feel it is important that we support our local and national sporting organisations and are honoured to continue our commitment to the sport,” he said.

The Vanuatu Table Tennis team will depart Port Vila next week to compete in the Pacific Games from the 8 – 13 July 2019.

Vanuatu table tennis win in New Caledonia competition

The event had the added bonus of being the first 2019 ITTF-Oceania Tour event.

In an all New Zealand affair, the men’s singles final was a rematch of the 2018 ITTF-Oceania Tour | Fiji, with Dean Shu facing Nathan Xu in a showdown for the title.

In a closely fought match, Shu was able to hold off his teammate and win the men’s singles title 4-3 (6,-7,4,7,-6,-9,4).

It was a solid performance from Shu all weekend, who had cruised through his earlier matches without dropping a single set.

Commonwealth Games: 11-year-old Welsh table tennis sensation Anna Hursey drawing crowds

She's the youngest athlete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and it is believed she is the youngest athlete to represent Wales at senior level in any sport.

And while the dream for medals in the teams event is over after a quarter-final loss to Australia, Hursey is still gearing up for a shot at the singles starting April 10.

In her home country, she's a household name. In Australia, we're only just discovering this table tennis savant. But already, Hursey is drawing a crowd of international admirers.

Table tennis medals continue to roll in for Vanuatu

Lulu and Shing received their medals from Mr Mok, the founder of table tennis in Vanuatu, and their native sandalwood trees (awarded to all Vanuatu 2017 medalists) from Ham’s sister Anolyn, Vanuatu’s most famous table tennis player.

PNG’s Geoffrey Loi and Gasipa SepaSimoi collected silver in the men’s doubles, while New Caledonia’s Adrien Cerveaux and Jeremy Dey got bronze.

Joy for Vanuatu table tennis father as children win gold

On Wednesday night Mr Lulu was in attendance at Korman Stadium to cheer on daughter Anolyn and son Ham to their country’s first gold medals in the women’s and men’s team event at the Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

“As a dad, I am very proud to see my kids play in the Mini Games,” he told the Vanuatu 2017 Games News Service.

“I have never seen them play in a competition like this because normally they play overseas. I had only heard their news from the radio or read it in the newspaper, and I had only seen them during training.

Vanuatu table tennis aims for 7 gold medals

The Table Tennis Interim-President, James Malao, says that for this year’s Mini Games, the final team will be finalized this week, with last weekend’s test event showing how the players have been contributing in their training sessions, attendance, characters and their performance.

“In the meantime, we are having our three para table tennis players, they were the finalist, but for the table tennis, there are going to be eight finalists that will later be announced.