TC Harold

Contract signed to rebuild TC Harold damaged schools in Vanuatu

The schools are Santo East School, Ecole Sacre Coeur de Fanafo, Sarakata, Alowaru and Avunatari Primary Schools and Nandiutu Junior Secondary.

The Minister of Education and Training Samson Samsen, said work will commence after the signing of the contract.

He thanked Australia and NZ for financing the TC Harold Recovery Programme.

Harai Construction will construct two double classrooms at Santo East Primary School in Santo. The project which consists of 14 classrooms will be built at a cost of 121,000,000 vatu. 

Oxfam Unblocked Cash response injects 170 million VT into Vanuatu’s Sanma economy

The programme helps families cope with the socioeconomic implications brought by COVID-19 and TC Harold, while benefiting the local economy.

Sanma Provincial Council Secretary General Albert Ruddley thanked Oxfam and its partners while being updated about the programme by the response team.

Since it was rolled out in October 2020 until April 2021 more than 170 million VT has been injected into the Sanma economy.

10 families in evacuation centres a year after TC Harold hit Vanuatu

National Disaster Management Office, Provincial Disaster Officer in Santo, Kensly Micah said NDMO and partners are working to carry on the progress of recovery in affected areas.

Micah made the comments as disaster response partners in Santo organized a gathering to remember the hardships of families affected by Cyclone Harold.

The event which marked the first anniversary of TC Harold on 6 April, also honoured the hard work of officers supporting recovery in SANMA Province.

Grant to help Vanuatu primary schools respond to impacts of Covid-19 and TC Harold

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) confirmed that the grant has been deposited in the bank accounts for all Government registered and non-government assisted primary schools.

The grant will assist a total of 407 primary schools and 53,519 students.

Funds disbursed will help schools meet their priority needs, as outlined in their School Improvement Plan, or to conduct other activities that will benefit the community, in consultation with school councils and school community associations.

Vanuatu PM urges donors to help Government respond to people's urgent needs post-TC Harold

He was addressing the opening of the Donor Round Table meeting at the Melanesian Hotel yesterday (Wednesday) at the Melanesian Hotel in Port Vila.

The Government wants a better coordination of assistance towards TC Harold recovery including a shorter processing of deliveries and response in a timely manner.

"People are still suffering from the aftermath of TC Harold and therefore a step up coordination is needed to ensure we deliver the recovery programme as soon as possible", says the head of Government.

Vanuatu experts worry about impact of COVID-19 and extreme weather on exports

However, new statistics show businesses in Vanuatu are more confident that they will survive compared to businesses in other Pacific countries. 

A VBTC news report said experts are hopeful for kava exports. 

The Trade Development Officer at the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business, Andrea Ibba said, ‘This is a really horrible situation to have both disasters. COVID-19 has killed demand and accessibility to international market while TC Harold has killed supplies. So it’s a very difficult situation for Vanuatu.”

Pacific Energy supports Fiji’s response to COVID-19 and TC Harold

The cyclone caused widespread devastation, particularly in rural and maritime communities.

But even before this cyclone hit, Fiji, like the rest of the world were already fighting our own battle against COVID-19. Businesses have been affected and many have lost their jobs and are struggling to support their families.

This pandemic will continue to spread, and affect our people if not prevented.

Pacific Energy values the lives of every Fijian.

Vanuatu Tourism Response and Recovery Plan — Moving Forward

The Vanuatu Tourism Crisis Response and Recovery Plan and Budget was put together following exhaustive discussions between tourism partners and the Government.

Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni Vanuatu Business (MTTCNVB), Roy Mickey Joy has confirmed that the Director of Tourism, Jerry Spooner has presented the Vanuatu Tourism Crisis Response and Recovery Plan and Budget to Minister for Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni Vanuatu Business (MTTCNVB) James Bule.

He said they both are happy with the approach taken in putting the Plan together.

Bred Bank lends a hand to Vanuatu children affected by TC Harold

 The bank also sponsored the first ever digital fundraiser concert of its kind to raise funds for victims of the cyclone which caused widespread devastation especially in the northern islands of the country.

Bred Bank’s Head of Business Banking, Santos Vatoko said, “It is an honor to have sponsored and be part of this successful event knowing that the 50 school bags we have donated will help keep the children positive and optimistic about learning.”

Yams and eggs given to Cyclone-affected residents of Vanuatu's Pentecost

The island was devastated by Cyclone Harold in April.

The islanders normally marked Pentecost Day with traditional dancing, celebrations and feasting.

However because the recovery effort from the cyclone was ongoing, the day was marked in a more low-key manner this year.

But there was joy when each household received 10 kilogrammes of yams and a dozen eggs.

The produce was donated from the islands of Emae, Tongoa, Tongariki and Buniga in Efate as part of a government programme to keep maintain people's protein levels.