TC Harold

Vanuatu bans killing of birds and flying foxes on islands affected by TC Harold

There are reports that the birds were killed either for food or enjoyment of killing these species with sling shots.

The Director General of MoCC, Esline Garaebiti advised that the National Disaster Committee (NDC) had already endorsed the decision that killing of birds and flying foxes is prohibited in all affected islands.

Vanuatu still in need of aid in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Harold

The islands of Espiritu Santo and Pentecost are among the most affected, with severe damage to the country's housing stock.

A New Zealand Defence Force Hercules has travelled to Vanuatu to deliver more than 13,500 kilograms of supplies.

SPC provides vegetable seeds to Vanuatu’s FSAC

The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in partnership with the Seed for Life Project requested support for the seeds system by purchasing vegetable seeds worth VT 2.5 Million.

The seeds will be distributed to farmers to help them have a strong seed system for food security.

The project is part of recovery efforts for communities affected by TC Harold.

Mia Rimon, SPC Regional Director for Melanesia said, “Seeds for Life actively respond to FSAC’s request to have the first two orders delivered by the supplier, Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies Ltd.

Housing scheme trialled for Vanuatu cyclone victims

In early April, Tropical Cyclone Harold devastated approximately 90 percent of houses in villages on the country's biggest island, as well as its offshore island of Malo.

The Daily Post newspaper reports the Fund's board has relayed its plans for assistance to the Minister of Finance Johnny Koanapo

The Fund said it was partnering with the National Bank of Vanuatu to trial the project on land owned by the Fund at Banban on the outskirts of Luganille.

Climate change is still the Pacific’s greatest threat – Regenvanu

Ralph Regenvanu had been speaking at an Asia Society Policy Institute web conference on Friday about Covid-19 in the Pacific and weathering two crises.

Mr Regenvanu said when the Covid-19 pandemic reached the Pacific, countries were able to put in measures to limit its effects.

But he said when Cyclone Harold hit Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and then Tonga, there was nothing anyone could do but pick up the pieces.

Vanuatu Govt to take care of medical evacuation cost for TC Harold victims

The Director of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Abraham Nasak, said the medical evacuation after TC Harold is part of the disaster response thus, the government is responsible for repatriation.

The statement from NDMO acknowledged Brothers for Life (B4L) for meeting the cost of repatriating a family of four from Sauriki in southwest Santo on Friday last week.

The family which had their plane tickets paid by B4L were part of a group of 17 victims flown to Port Vila for further medical attention.

Vanuatu Food Security and Agriculture Cluster deploys 62 Officers for Detailed Loss and Damage Assessment

Six teams have been sent to Ambrym, Pentecost, Santo and Ambae. 

A team was already deployed last week to Malekula.

The officers will work with volunteers and other partners on the ground.

While immediate response of food supplies is currently underway in affected areas, officers were deployed purposely to access detailed information on loss and damage done on agriculture, livestock, pests and diseases encountered, forestry and fisheries.

Fishing gear to help Vanuatu villagers affected by TC Harold

The director of coastal fisheries, Sompert Gereva, said the gear will allow villagers to fish for protein, and will complement relief supplies which are slowly being sent.

Mr Gereva said the category five cyclone destroyed forests, gardens and bird life which remote villagers often depend on for food.

"It's an effort to try and bring back the communities' lifestyle in terms of accessing the fresh fish. They need it most to supplment the food rations that's given out by the government."

Sompert Gereva said the government is looking at buying more fishing gear.

Port Vila Lord Mayor Festa presents supplies to Luganville

“The shipment of goods should have arrived on Monday but the lockdown in Malekula following the COVID 19 scare forced the crew and the captain of the Pacific Star to be put in quarantine for nearly four days,” Mr Festa explained.

Before the delivery he thanked Port Vila based companies like Au Bon Marche, Vila Hard Ware, Vate Beverage, Leong Hardware, Wilco Harware, Computer World, Vila Distribution and Cellovila for donating the items.

Port Vila and Luganville established sister city relations in 1997.

Vanuatu govt extends State of Emergency

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported that the Council of Ministers approved for the SOE, which had been due to end on Monday, to be extended for another 30 days.

Cabinet's decision followed a request from the National Disaster Management Office for an extension.

Cyclone Harold hit Vanuatu as a category five storm a month ago, but the delivery of relief to affected communities had only gathered pace recently due to restrictions on travel as part of the pandemic response, as well as damaged infrastructure.