Vanuatu PM acknowledges departing Digicel CEO’s contributions

A statement said the PM made the remarks Friday when he hosted Mr Khanna at a lunch in his office.

"Thank you for being so helpful to our country especially in a time when people need better communication as the country is faced with huge health and security threats.

“Your contributions in recovering from TC Harold since April last year must be noted,” he said when thanking Mr Khanna.

The Digicel CEO said it was a great honour having served the people of Vanuatu over the last two years and he admitted that Vanuatu will have a special space in his heart.

TRBR Social Club donates food to Pentecost

A team representing the TRBR Social Club  handed over the donation to members of Port Vila/Pentecost Mwebalehan community at Anabrou in Port Vila.

President of TRBR Social Club, Ritchie Melve confirmed that a similar donation of aid will be made in the coming weeks to other communities that have been severely affected by TC Harold.

Items donated included rice, sugar, biscuit crackers and noodles.

TRBR Social Club was established a few months ago. This is the first donation of its kind to the community affected by a natural disaster in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu’s broadcasting regulator presents 2018 sector report

The document reports on the state of the telecommunications and ICT market, trends and developments in the country in 2017.

TRBR stated that the Vanuatu telecommunications sector has witnessed significant change over the 2017 year.

“This has come about via the implementation of the Governments Universal Access Policy extending services to over 98% of the population, the increase in availability of 3G and 4G+ leading to the availability of access to data services and continued review of wholesale pricing leading to data promotions that have increased value.”

Northern Marianas set to reconnect with outside world

The cable's owner and service provider, IT&E, says a Taiwan-based repair ship, the CS Durable, has worked around the clock to fix the cable after it arrived in Saipan last week.

Meanwhile, the CNMI's delegate to the US Congress, Gregorio Kilili Sablan, has thanked all those involved in restoring the service, saying many people and organisations had played significant roles.

Businesses have been severely affected by the communications blackout, which has cost the local economy at least 20 million US dollars.