Ukraine invasion

Netflix pauses future projects in Russia

The company said it was assessing the impact of the current invasion of Ukraine.

Filming for the production of Russian language series Zato will be halted.

Elsewhere in tech, cloud computing company Oracle also said it has suspended operations in Russia.

The two companies are the latest US technology firms to take action against Russia as attacks on Ukraine's cities have escalated.

On Tuesday, Apple also announced that it was halting sales in Russia.

Ukraine invasion: Indian student killed as he tried to buy food

One of his friends said Naveen S Gyanagoudar, 22, had spoken to him shortly before his death on Tuesday.

Thousands of Indian citizens are still in Ukraine and are pleading to be evacuated after Russian troops invaded.

India has launched an operation to get its citizens home but it's been facing logistical hurdles.

India's foreign ministry confirmed that Gyanagoudar had died in shelling in Kharkiv and said it was in contact with his family.

Ukraine conflict: Shock and support on the streets of Moscow

But there is division over whether President Putin's actions are to be condemned or applauded, BBC Russian reporters discover.

When two young well-dressed men stop to chat to the BBC, one of them appears fairly relaxed about the invasion of Ukraine.

"Yes, we heard something but haven't had a chance to understand what's going on," he says.

But he is soon interrupted by his friend, swearing as he does so.

"We are shocked," he says. "We have never seen war in our lifetime and we are about to see one."

A man in a bright blue coat looks miserable.