No quick return to normal for scarred Bucha

In one of the doorways a blackened kettle boils on an open fire, blowing clouds of steam into the bitter air. This place should be buzzing with life and sound, with the chatter of children playing and clambering over the climbing frame that dominates the square.

But since the Russians came, everything has changed here. Most people fled, and they're yet to return. There's just one small, hardy group who are trying to pave the way for others to come back.


Russia says 1000 Ukrainian troops have surrendered in Mariupol

Taking the Azovstal industrial district, where the marines have been holed up, would give the Russians full control of Mariupol, Ukraine's main Sea of Azov port, and reinforce a southern land corridor before an expected new offensive in the country's east.

Surrounded and bombarded by Russian troops for weeks and the focus of some of the fiercest fighting in the war, Mariupol would be the first major city to fall since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

Ukraine war: Zelensky tells UN of horrors of Russian invasion

He said people died in their homes and on the streets and were crushed by tanks in their cars "for pleasure".

Russia should be held accountable for what had happened, he said, and removed from the UN Security Council.

Horrific images of bodies in streets in towns such as Bucha have generated shock and condemnation worldwide.

After his speech by video link to the Security Council, Zelensky showed a graphic video of images of dead Ukrainians, some burned and disfigured.

Ukraine forces retake areas north of Kyiv as Russians look eastward

Ukrainian presidential adviser Okeksiy Arestovych said Ukrainian troops had retaken more than 30 towns and villages in the region since Russia announced this week it would scale down operations around the capital to focus on battles in the east.

British military intelligence said Russian troops had abandoned Hostomel airport in a northwestern suburb of the capital, where there had been fighting since the first day of the invasion.

Tanks and bodies mark path as Russia moves troops from Kyiv

In the hamlet of Dmytrivka to the west of the capital, smoke was still rising from the wrecks of tanks and the bodies of at least eight Russian soldiers lay in the streets, Reuters correspondents saw.

"From one side we were hearing the tanks shooting at us, and from the area of Bucha was a massive mortar shelling," said resident Leonid Vereshchagin, a business executive, referring to a town to the north.

Russia says it will curb Kyiv assault as peace talks progress

The decision to scale back operations around the capital, Kyiv, and the northern city of Chernihiv is the first sign of tangible progress.

But it is unclear how extensive any reduction in military activity might be, and Ukraine remains sceptical.

Russia had already refocused its campaign on Ukraine's eastern regions.

It has suffered a series of setbacks to the north-west of the capital, Kyiv, and is also seeking to capture a land corridor which stretches along the south coast to the Russian border.

Russia transfers thousands of Mariupol civilians to its territory

Russia is housing an estimated 5,000 at a temporary camp in Bezimenne, east of Mariupol, seen in satellite images.

Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said 40,000 had been moved from Ukraine to Russian-held territory without any coordination with Kyiv.

A Mariupol refugee, now in Russia, said: "All of us were taken forcibly".

Some Ukrainian officials describe Russia's actions as "deportations" to "filtration camps" - an echo of Russia's war in Chechnya, when thousands of Chechens were brutally interrogated in makeshift camps and many disappeared.

Multiple rockets hit Lviv city in western Ukraine

Lviv, just 60 kilometres from the Polish border, has so far escaped the heavy bombardment and fighting that has devastated some Ukrainian cities closer to Russia since Moscow launched its invasion on 24 February.

Governor Maksym Kozytskyy said five people had been wounded after two rockets hit a fuel depot and two others later hit a military factory. Earlier he reported powerful explosions in Lviv's eastern outskirts from the strikes.

"Stay in shelters! Do not go out into the streets!," he warned after the first strike.

Eight killed as Kyiv shopping centre wrecked by shelling

As day broke on Monday, firefighters were putting out small blazes around the smouldering carcass of a building in the shopping centre car park in the Podil district of the city and looking for possible survivors.

The force of the explosion late on Sunday obliterated one structure in the shopping centre car park and gutted an adjacent 10-storey building, shattering windows in the surrounding residential tower blocks.

Mariupol children bear the brunt of Vladimir Putin's war

He clutches a small yellow toy tractor but says nothing as specialist nurses monitor his condition. The Russian shell that blasted shrapnel into his belly also badly wounded his parents and grandparents as they tried to flee Mariupol. A victim of Putin's war and he's not yet three years old.

In the next bed to Artem lies 15-year-old Masha, also from near Mariupol. Her right leg was amputated after it was torn apart by the blast from a Russian shell last Tuesday.