Vanuatu cabinet

Vanuatu protest expected over cabinet move

Charlot Salwai wants to increase the numbers in cabinet from 13 to 17.

Our correspondent said the protestors are likely to be from all sectors of Vanuatu society.

Meanwhile, the Daily Post newspaper reported the opposition leader, Ishmael Kalsakau, saying he has filed a legal challenge to the prime minister's move, saying extra ministries are far too costly at this time for the country.

The paper has calculated that four more ministries would cost more than $US4 million dollars annually.


Plan to expand Vanuatu cabinet encounters pushback

Currently, the size of the cabinet can not exceed a quarter of the number of MPs.

However, Mr Salwai wants this to be increased to a third, which means cabinet can be increased from 13 to 17 ministers.

Vanuatu's parliament is to have a special sitting tomorrow to debate the required constitutional amendment.

Tess Newton Cain of TNC Pacific Consulting said Mr Salwai's ostensible reason for the expansion is that some ministers have been assigned too many portfolios, and they need to be divided up to be more manageable.