Vanuatu Christian Council

Vanuatu Christian Council receives first government pay-out

VCC General Secretary, Pastor Shem Tema stated that VT12M will be going to VCC for administration works, and running of the council while the rest is kept for the churches.

“We are still working on application forms. The Prime Ministers Office should be working on a draft app form, if we both agree, I’ll take it up.”

“The remaining VT25M with the government, as soon as we use the first VT13M then we will be entitled to the next VT25M – ANZ Bank under VCC. Operate under a partnership account.”

Tributes flow for Vanuatu Christian leader

Pastor Nafuki, who hailed from the island of Erromango, passed away at his Port Vila home last week, a champion of the rights of oppressed Pacific peoples.

A member of the Pacific Council of Churches, he was a leading advocate on regional self-determination causes.

As Chairman of the Vanuatu Free West Papua Association, Pastor Nafuki campaigned for years for the Indonesian-controlled Papua region to become independent.

The general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, James Bhagwan, says Pastor Nafuki did decades of important work and has left a legacy.

Vanuatu hosts inaugural ‘Theology of Disaster Resilience in a Changing Climate’ regional TOT

The event brought together over 30 church leaders, including women and youth leaders and regional participants from Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Fiji learn to use theology and bible messaging to help their communities and congregations prepare and respond to disasters in today’s changing climate.

Vanuatu Christian Council(VCC) i kasem VT10 million long Gavman

Mr Salwai i talem se hemia i fes mani we gavman, hemi givim long VCC mo evri yia, bae hemi stap long badjet blong gavman.

Pablic Releisen Ofisa blong gavman, Hilaire Bule hemi karem toktok blong praem minister se hemia ino blong gavman, hemi kat kontrol long wok blong VCC be hemi blong helpem olgeta long wok blong olgeta.

Hemi talem se Mr Salwai I talem long taem blong handova se gavman mo jioj, tufala i sevem ol sem pipol nomo.

Seed of humility: Bishop Ligo

“The people of Vanuatu need to know that in 2014 when he saw that Vanuatu as an Independent nation went astray from the road of self-determination and losing its integrity, he accept to take proper actions in order to create opportunity for Vanuatu to retain its national, regional and international status as an independent nation.

“Vanuatu Christian Council on behalf of every Christian Churches, Ministries and groups wish to thank the family in Futuna for producing a leader that Vanuatu will never forget.