Vanuatu farmers

Rotavator training for Vanuatu farmers

Farmers that attended the training this week went through a practical exercise on the demonstration using rotavators to increase production.

Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries, and Biosecurity, Moses Amos, said the training is very important on using the machinery to achieve the maximum production impact.

“What happened today is part of the Agriculture sector policy, that under the leadership of Director Antoine (Ravo), we are able to develop it.

Call for Vanuatu farmers to plant more resilient crops

The call has gone out as the Vanuatu Methodology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) is predicting high chances of La Niña forming and lasting until November this year. 

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) said it takes the advisory from VMGD seriously and wants farmers to start making decisions and act. 

The La Niña phenomena is expected to bring normal or above rainfall for the next three to six months and can cause flooding and landslides.  

La Niña can affect agriculture. 

Vanuatu farmers, fishers urged to increase production

Minister of Agriculture Matai Seremaiah gave the advice in Torba province during the Agri-Fish Toursim festival, the Daily Post reports.

The report, by the International Finance Corporation, indicates 50 percent of vegetables, 30 percent of fruit and 60 percent of meat, seafood and dairy products consumed in Vanuatu are imported.

Mr Seremaiah said his ministry would support an increase in production by strengthening links between agriculture, fisheries and tourism.