Vanuatu High Commission

Vanuatu High Commission confirms allowances have been paid to sponsored students

Johnson Vora of the High Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu in Fiji confirmed the payments were made during the week.

“We confirm that the Government has paid out allowances this week. Allowances are credited directly to each student’s personal bank accounts,” Vora said.

He was responding to questions from Loop Vanuatu following concerns by some Ni-Vanuatu students studying at USP about the delay in payment of allowances.

Ni-Vanuatu scholarship students waiting for allowances, get food

A lot of parents and students voiced their disappointment through social media, appealing to the government to urgently process the allowance of ni-Vanuatu students studying in Fiji under scholarship.

The Ministry of Education confirmed the list of students under government scholarship had been passed on to the Ministry of Finance to process, but as of the weekend the students had received nothing.

Students renting apartments outside of the USP campus are said to concerned that landlords will force them to move out because of unpaid rent.


Construction of Vanuatu’s new Supreme Court building begins

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu , Bob Loughman said… “The building should have the dignity that reflects its status as the holder of the nation’s greatest ideals, but it should also be practical in design to allow those who work or are called before it, to carry out their functions in as harmonious a way as possible.”