Vanuatu Officials

Top Vanuatu officials sacked over road project

The Public Service Commission has made the decision to terminate the contracts of Director-General Harrison Luen and Department Director Allen Faerua.

Faerua has confirmed both received their termination letters last week.

The Parliamentary Accounts Committee has been told the move comes following an investigation into the tender process for a feeder road project.

The duo had earlier been suspended following a complaint from Minister Jay Ngwele.

Vanuatu confirms invasive coconut rhino beetle spread

An official from the Department of Bio-Security told the Vanuatu Daily Post that an emergency order had been issued declaring Moso Landing, Mele Bay, and Klem's Hill as quarantine zones.

Evidence of the beetle had also been found at Prima.

The emergency order was signed by the caretaker Agriculture Minister Matai Seremiah and is effective until April 2020.

The resurfacing of the dreaded beetle comes after a state of emergency last July covering areas, where the beetle was first discovered to have infested coconut plantations.