Vanuatu Opposition

Vanuatu Opposition prepares criminal complaint against PM

Opposition Whip, Jay Ngwele said the Court of Appeal ruled that the parliamentary secretary positions are unconstitutional given there are no legal provisions for such positions.

The Opposition is concerned that enormous public funds have been used to fund these positions, which were created in 2016.

Vanuatu opposition withdraws motion of no confidence

It was the sixth attempt by the opposition bloc, led by Ishmael Kalsakau, to remove the government since the 2016 election.

Mr Kalsakau failed to get the quorum needed to topple the government.

An election is due by January 2020.


Vanuatu govt MPs defect to the Opposition

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported the defection of MPs Ephraim Kalsakau and Fred Tasso of the Workers Party for Vanuatu Development brings the opposition numbers up to 10.

Speaking to the paper about the move Mr Tasso claimed Prime Minister Charlot Salwai failed to honour a promise to grant the party a parliamentary secretary position in the Labour department.

He said they also did not want to be part of any attempt to increase MP salaries, while the ordinary citizens of the country struggled to make ends meet.

MPs resign, Motion to be resubmitted not ruled out: Vanuatu Opposition leader Kalsakau

RNZ reports the support of two-thirds majority of the 52 MPs, is required when the proposed reforms goes before Parliament, for the 2nd reading, which is scheduled for December 12.
The Government currently commands only 33 MPs, more than enough to defeat a motion of no confidence but not enough to advance with the proposed changes to the Constitution.

Vanuatu Opposition to boycott Special Parliament Sitting

Opposition Leader, Ishmael Kalsakau says the boycott will be in protest of the government’s proposed constitutional amendments as well as its handling of the proposed changes.

Mr Kalsakau claimed the amendments are unconstitutional as they do not conform with the spirit of the constitution in respect to the traditional beliefs and Christian principles, the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and is also undemocratic.

14 Opposition MPs to unite under one single party for 2020 election

In a press conference today, Opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau confirmed 14 MPs are on his side of the opposition and 10 have added their signatures in the solidarity agreement while 4, who are either in their respective constituencies or overseas, have agreed to sign-up when they arrive in the capital for the Special Parliamentary session on Thursday this week.

In the current makeup, components of the opposition bloc are Melanesian Progressive Party, Union of Moderate Parties, Iauko Group, the People’s Service Party and an independent.