Vanuatu PM

Vanuatu Prime Minister to visit New Zealand

“New Zealand and Vanuatu have a long history of close friendship. I look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Salwai here and discussing further opportunities to strengthen the relationship between our countries,” Jacinda Ardern said.

The relationship between the two countries is underpinned by the successful Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme, tourism links and shared regional interests.

Plan to expand Vanuatu cabinet encounters pushback

Currently, the size of the cabinet can not exceed a quarter of the number of MPs.

However, Mr Salwai wants this to be increased to a third, which means cabinet can be increased from 13 to 17 ministers.

Vanuatu's parliament is to have a special sitting tomorrow to debate the required constitutional amendment.

Tess Newton Cain of TNC Pacific Consulting said Mr Salwai's ostensible reason for the expansion is that some ministers have been assigned too many portfolios, and they need to be divided up to be more manageable.

Vanuatu PM's visit a 'test case' for Australia's relationship with Pacific

The high-level visits come amidst a climate of debate about China's growing influence in the Pacific region, which some close observers and Australia's opposition say is a result of Australia "dropping the ball" on the Pacific.

So the way in which the Australian Government engages with the Vanuatu leader over the next week will come under heavy scrutiny.

One of those closely watching will be lawyer and academic, Dr Siobahn McDonnell, from the Australian National University's College of Asia and the Pacific.

Vanuatu PM Salwai defeats motion of no-confidence

The opposition, led by Ishmael Kalsakau, tabled the motion of no-confidence, citing discontent with a raft of government policies.

However, Mr Salwai still has a strong majority of support in parliament, almost two years into his stint in charge of Vanuatu's government. Mr Salwai is now Vanuatu's longest-serving prime minister since the Ham Lini government of 2004-2008.

Vanuatu PM promises evacuees they will return home

Mr Salwai visited evacuation centres in Penama and Sanma provinces yesterday where more than 11,000 people have been taken since the Manaro Voui volcano began belching ash and smoke over a fortnight ago.

The last boatloads were due to arrive at the islands of Maewo, Pentecost and Espiritu Santo yesterday, and they potentially face months away from home.

Disaster authorities are being assisted by French, Australian and New Zealand defence personnel and various international NGOs who have brought tonnes of relief supplies.

PM Salwai congratulates Tonga for UN post

Vanuatu congratulated her Excellency for being appointment which is a great achievement for the Pacific.

H.E. Utoikamanu among other things is responsible for LDCs and SIDS.

She noted that her office advocates for LDCs and SIDS at the highest level to ensure that they remain at the top of the international priority in terms of Financing assistance and support for the implementation of the SDGs, Samoa Pathway and Istanbul Program of Action. 

PM Salwai noted that Vanuatu is preparing itself for the eventual graduation from LDC status in 2020.

Vanuatu PM accuses world leaders of ignoring West Papua

Speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday Charlot Salwai called on the UN Human Rights Council to investigate documented cases of arbitrary killings, torture and abuse of indigenous West Papuans in Indonesia's Papuan provinces.

Mr Salwai also appealed to world leaders to support the aspirations of the people of West Papua for a referendum on independence from Indonesia.

Vanuatu PM ino sik

Public Relations Offisa long Ofis blong Praim Minista, Hilaire Bule hem se sapos media i laekim tru stori long helt blong praim minista, ol i shud toktok long dokta or ofis blong praim Minista - na ino spredim giaman stori.

Mr Bule hem se, Mr Salwai no bin go longn Noumea long getem medikol checkap, hem go fo hiliday an taem hem stap long we - hem getem normal medical checkap.

Hem se Praim Minista Salwai hem no paralais long wnsaet long face blong hem and no save toktok gut olsem media ibin ripotim.

Vanuatu Prime Minister prunes kiwifruit vines in Tauranga

Mr Salwai toured EastPack, a packhouse and coolstore, in Te Puke, where he also talked with Vanuatuan seasonal workers who are part of the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme.

He toured Hawaii Orchard, where he even did some pruning and spoke with more seasonal workers.

Itwas Mr Salwai's first official visit to New Zealand as Prime Minister and he was attending events in Auckland and Wellington.

He left for Vanuatu today.

Charlot Salwai is Vanuatu’s new Prime Minister

Salwai was nominated by MP Joe Natuman and seconded by MP Ham Lini. There was no contender from the caretaker side, but according to parliamentary rules, members had to elect him through secret ballot.

There was applause inside parliament when Speaker announced after counting that “Salwai as duly elected prime minister of Vanuatu”. He was voted in with 46 votes. Five votes were void.

Now serving his fifth term as a Member of Parliament for Pentecost, Mr Salwai has had a colorful political career.