Vanuatu police

Over 100 Ni-Vanuatu police officers undergo training with ADF

Participants are from the three elements of the Vanuatu Police Force, Vanuatu Mobile Force, Police Maritime and the general police.

Officer In-Charge of the VMF Training Wing, Lieutenant Tekol Masteia, said, “This is one of the first training courses that includes a big number of participants. Majority of the participants are VMPF personnel.”

Vanuatu Police seize over 2,000 marijuana plants

Police also destroyed over 200 young plants during the raid last week.

The marijuana plants were seized from Salili Area.

Several suspects were arrested and detained following the seizure.

They are expected to appear in court soon.

Marijuana is a prohibited drug in Vanuatu.


Vanuatu Police opens new Corporate Services Unit

The unit is one of the many projects VPF has established with Australia Federal Police, under the Vanuatu Australia Policing and Justice Programme.

Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Clemency Oliphant congratulated the VPF for the successful upgrade of the unit and the staff.

“CSU has a critical role in the VPF as it provides administrative and management service, advice and training, among other roles. This unit allows for the functioning of the VPF and makes its work better. It is the VPF’s engine room,” Oliphant said.

Vanuatu Police warns residents of use of laser devices

The Vanuatu Police Force warns that it will deal with anyone caught aiming laser devices at an aircraft taking off or approaching the airport for landing.

“Police can arrest you if you aim a laser or a bright torch at an aircraft, causing an incident. You will be taken to court and could end up in jail,” VPF said.

“We are appealing to the chiefs and leaders of residential areas near the airport such as Blandinere, Prima, Abattoir, End of Airport and Mele to seriously warn their people to stop the dangerous practice of pointing laser devices at aircrafts.”

Vanuatu Police urge parents to be aware of children’s whereabouts

The Vanuatu Police Force released a statement following a search conducted at the Fatumauru Bay in Port Vila on Friday night last week.

Police officers conducted the search and caught several school students under the influence of alcohol.

VPF stressed that parents as caretakers must be attentive.

“A lot of activities happen during weekends. The safety of everyone is paramount. Parents and guardians should be checking on the whereabouts of their children,” VPF stated.

Vanuatu police and immigration staff implicated in illegal procurement of documents

 The Vanuatu Daily Post estimates the illegal activity could have lost the government nearly 200 thousand U dollars in lost revenue.

Operation, named India Delta, has involved police and immigration officers.

A spokesman for the operation says the scheme is ongoing and his investigators are searching homes and offices for false documents and forging equipment or tools.


Vanuatu’s Police Constable Vocor attends Royal Navy’s New Entry Officer’s course in Australia

Vocor departed for Australia yesterday

She will be studying and training with the Royal Australian Navy Midshipmen for five months.

The Australian High Commission in Vanuatu said PC Vocor is expected to further develop her skills, knowledge and behaviours that is required to be an effective maritime security officer and leader.

PC Vocor is the second Vanuatu Police Force member to attend NEOC after PC Rachel Amkori graduating from the prestigious course last year.

Vanuatu Police Force thanked Australia for the Partnership.


Colonel Robson Iavro is Vanuatu’s new Police Commissioner

The appointment was made by the President of the Republic, Obed Moses Tallis.

Order No. 75 of 2021 stated that the President made the appointment in exercise of the powers given to him to undertake such task under the Police Act (CAP 105).

Colonel Iavro is a graduate from the New Zealand Army Officer Cadet School in the 1990s.

Vanuatu Police enforces Operation Noel

The Acting Commissioner, Colonel Robson Iavro activated the operation last week in the presence of senior ranking officers within the respective elements of the Force.

Acting Commissioner Iavro reiterated the purpose of Operation Noel, which is to ensure families enjoy a peaceful and safe Christmas celebration.

The operation began Wednesday and will continue in the coming days into welcoming the New Year of 2021.

Members of the Force will be deployed to the islands if their presence is required.

Vanuatu Police receives assistance from Australian Government

The vehicles will support the Professional Standards and Family Protection Units of the Vanuatu Police Force. 

The ability of the Professional Standards Unit to conduct sensitive operations for the investigation of criminal and misconduct allegations is an important aspect of holding Police Force members accountable for their actions and maintaining high levels of discipline within the service.