Vanuatu’s Finance Minister pleads guilty to corruption charges.

The defendants of the Criminal Case No.

Vanuatu bribery case back in court Wednesday

The MPs are alleged to have received bribes a year ago from the then opposition leader, Moana Carcasses, who is now deputy prime minister.

It is alleged that $US319,000 were involved.

Mr Carcasses was allegedly trying to procure the MPs support before a planned vote of no confidence to remove the then prime minister Jo Natuman.

Our correspondent in Vanuatu says sources say the money involved may have come from a businessman in Hong Kong.

Another three MPs, who had been facing charges, are now prosecution witnesses.

More bollards bring bigger boats to Vanuatu

It will also provide for bollards at Mystery Island at Aneityum.

The move will mean 300 metre long ships can berth for the first time.

It will cost the cruise operator $US3.8 million dollars.


Technical and vocational training for Vanuatu

The first training of trainers on a national scale is about to take place on 17 September.

The training is run under the 6.1 million Euro, European Union Pacific Technical Vocational Education and Training in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Adaptation Project (EU PacTVET) and is jointly implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the University of the South Pacific.

The project covers 15 Pacific Island countries within the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) group of states.

Vanuatu law reforms culminate in launch of online business registry

The online business registry allows both Ni-Vanuatu and overseas investors to register a business, maintain its details, and pay fees online, reducing the average time for company registrations from more than 3 weeks to under 3 days.

Stranded pilot whale dies at Eratap Lagoon

Fisheries Department was not aware of the whale until a day later when the Department was alerted of the dead whale at Eratap village, South East of Efate.

Villagers told Fisheries officers that the whale was first noticed in the lagoon Friday last week, then Saturday but on Sunday morning the villagers saw it floating and towed the carcass ashore.

“Upon arrival at the scene, the whale was discovered with its head, tail, dorsal fins and both flippers already removed from the body leaving the trunk lying on the beach,” stated a media release from the Fisheries Department.

Vaturisu eyes beche de mer MOU

The MOU could be signed in its two-day special meeting in central Port Vila next month, to re-populate the lagoons of Efate and its offshore islands with sea cucumber.

The project is expected to be carried out by a private company and the same company will pay the communities to harvest the sea cucumber after one year.

The intensive two-day meeting will be held at the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Conference Hall on September 28 and 29.

Infrastructure plan launched

Some of the programming priority investment projects under VISIP 2015 include the Vanuatu Urban Development Project (Phase 2 for Luganville and Port Vila), Malekula East Coast Road Rehabilitation, domestic jetties construction in every province, and reconstruction of Malapoa College.

In his speech Prime Minister Kilman called the plan a living document that will assist the country’s vision of a Just, Educated, Healthy and Wealthy Vanuatu.

Ni-Vanuatu urged to prepare for extended dry spell

The call has come from the head of the Climate Division of the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department Philip Mansale who says that the 2015 El Nino phase is well established.

Despite rains in recent months, Mr Mansale is warning the public to expect a dry run in the coming months.

Six community centres to be built in Vanuatu's Shefa

It is part of the UNDP's reconstruction programme following the devastation of 22 islands by Cyclone Pam last March.

National Coordinator of the UNDP Project, Russel Tamata says the UNDP Office is working closely with the Department of Public Works and custom chiefs of the islands to construct the buildings.

Mr Tamata says both the standard of the buildings and carpenters are provided by the Public Works while the chiefs and their people on each island provide manpower and labour to complete the buildings.