VASANOC hosts medicine seminar for sports federations

The seminar is a two-day project organised by the newly reformed VASANOC Sports Medical Commission who have developed a program to deliver sports medicine methodology, advice and information to better prepare, equip and protect your athletes.

Some of the topics to be addressed include COVID-19 sports protocols: How are we adapting, Mental health in sports: Its place and use, Nutrition: Refueling and fueling correctly and Rehabilitation: Injuries and injury prevention.

The programme will end tomorrow.


VASANOC adds on three new sports associations

Teqball, Billiards and Snooker associations are now part of VASANOC and have also been recognized as an Olympic sport in the country.

This was discussed and confirmed during VASANOC’s general assembly, which was held at the VNPF conference room Friday.

VASANOC stakeholders, which include the president, secretary general, treasurer, CEO, Development officers and reps from various sporting federations also discussed sports policy in the organisation.

There will be another meet next year to implement all the measures and policies.


All sports to operate normally in Vanuatu

VASANOC made the clarification in a statement released last week.

 “We would like to inform you that the protocol which is applied now is Scenario 2A.”It is a directive from the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.”

“From VASANOC, we want to advice everyone that all sporting activities as well as events are maintained for the time being.”

VASANOC provides sports merchandise to TC Harold victims

VASANOC donated the t-shirts via Red Cross.

The national sports organization’s CEO Henry Tavoa was delighted to do the handing over.

Harold was the first Category 5 severe tropical cyclone on the Australian scale to strike Vanuatu since Cyclone Pam in 2015.

TC Harold hit the northern islands of Vanuatu, flattening buildings.


New members for VASANOC

The new VASANOC members are now the recognized National Federation for their respective sports in Vanuatu.

Surfing and Darts, whilst relatively new have built a name for themselves locally.

The membership of these associations allows federations such as the Vanuatu Surfing Associations whose Leimalo Surf competition draws on the diverse local talent of local surfers and attracts international attention, to further their development and gain further funding through respective grants provided by VASANOC.

VASANOC praise outstanding success of Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu

Tavoa, Chef de Mission for the Vanuatu team at the Games, declared that "everyone was the ultimate winner in every sense" following the conclusion of the event in Port Vila.

VASANOC officials also thanked the Government for their support of the Pacific Mini Games, where 24 nations participated in 14 sports.

"Vanuatu is now richer than ever before with the trained volunteers - staff, event managers, technical sports experts, security personnel, traffic control, catering, media, medical staff and in many more areas," said Tavoa.

VASANOC threatens hold on Vanuatu Games over funding freezes

This comes as the Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee today received assurances from the prime minister's office that a freeze on their funding had been lifted.

The President of VASANOC, Antoine Boudier, said this was some relief, but he wanted assurances there wouldn't be further freezes.

He said the government's Financial Intelligence Unit was behind a stop on their funding in October which meant VASANOC could not meet basic expenses.

VASANOC approves new constitution

The meeting marked the first time the organisation's constitution has been amended since the Vanuatu Amateur Sport Federations and Vanuatu National Olympic Committee merged to form VASANOC in 1991.

According to a summary of changes sent to inside the games, there will be a "collaboration with Oceania and International Sport Federations to penalise under-performing National Sport Federations of Vanuatu".

Other changes include a procedure for the election of an honorary President as well as the inclusion of athlete representatives as office holders.

Vanuatu Basketball Federation and VASANOC making a difference through sport

Sports development officers representing multiple sports including archery, hockey, basketball, Aussie rules football (AFL), athletics, table tennis, cricket, swimming, beach volleyball and netball came together to take part in VASANOC's outreach program.

The Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) joined VASANOC's program to help push environmental awareness and sports exposure.