Vila Central Hospital

Vila Central Hospital calls for blood donation

Medical Superintendent Dr Vincent Atua said people with any blood type are encouraged to donate blood to save lives.

“There’s big need for blood in our hospital because of the number of patients who are admitted just after the cyclone and even before the cyclone.

“We still have ongoing surgery operations, people getting sick, people referred from the islands and mothers having babies born which increase the demand,” Dr Atua said.

Vila Central Hospital has new Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr Ly will be working closely with another ophthalmologist Dr Johnson Kasso, who oversees the eye programme in the country.

The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand, said, “Dr Ly is a graduate of the Pacific Eye Institute, a Foundation-sponsored program that provides postgraduate training on the region’s unique needs in terms of eye care.”

“Former Head of Department for Ophthalmology in Timor Leste, Dr Ly has collaborated with several Pacific ophthalmologists and nurses in the area. He has also been to several outreach programs for eye care.”

Digicel delivers a dash of Christmas joy to the Children’s Ward

The Digicel team spread some holiday joy to the young patients and their families filled with Christmas presents last Thursday.

The staff at the hospital were incredibly grateful for the gifts, and the children were overjoyed to receive the presents. It was a great way to spread Christmas cheer and bring a little bit of joy to those in need.

Staff donated food to the hospital kitchen to help with the meals for the children.

Vanuatu’s Vila Centre Hospital receives new machines

The handing over of the donations was made by the ACU in-country program coordinator, Jane Laycock to the VCH Acting Medical Superintendent, Dr Orelly Thyna, the VCH Clinical Nursing Supervisor, Roger Jelpao and the VCH Acting Nursing Services Manager, Jeffrey Samana.

The equipment was donated to support the local healthcare professionals in their daily work.

The ACU program is part of a partnership that was developed 15 years ago, and it is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs through the New Colombo Plan short-term mobility grants.

2 dengue cases reported at Vanuatu’s Vila Central Hospital

The cases had no recent history of travel outside of Vanuatu so the dengue was locally acquired.

They identified in Efate in the areas of Erakor and Salili.

The Ministry of Health has urged residents in Port Vila and surrounding areas to take the necessary steps to prevent infection.

People must wear clothes that cover as much of the body as possible, use mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and other physical barriers such as screens, closed doors and windows.

Vila Central Hospital commemorates World Premature Day

INCU Head Nurse, Angeline Namu, said it is a celebration to raise awareness about the dangers of premature births.

Namu added that the day was initiated by the European Foundation Care for Newborn Infants (EFCNI) in 2008 along with other European parenting organizations.

She explained that premature birth refers to babies born about 35 weeks before their due date with low weight below the minimum which is 2.5kg.

Wanfuteng Bank donates bench to Vila Central Hospital

The bank presented the bench in acknowledgment of the hospital team’s work in monitoring Covid-19 border cases in addition to the already existing demand of day-to-day patients. 

"A metal bench may seem insignificant; but when you are unwell and waiting on test results, it provides a space to sit comfortably and wait. This hopefully will also create a more relaxed environment for the team," said Wilmaraia Vocor, Wanfuteng Bank’s General Manager.

Giving Hands Vanuatu donates wheelchairs to Vila Central Hospital

The charitable organisation aims to raise funds and accept donations repairs and requirements as needed for the hospital.

Founder of Giving Hands Vanuatu, Carissa Jacobe, said, “The hospital has many needs and we are happy to be able to help meet these needs to support the patients.”

“We have done quite a lot of work and donations for the hospital.”

“We have had plumbers fixed handwriting stations, sinks and toilets in the hospital.”

Vanuatu public take advantage of eye-exam services

Vanuatu’s only Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Johnson Kasso is offering eye exam services.

The medical check-ups commenced last week and will end on Friday.

Vanuatu currently has only one expert in this field, Dr Kasso — who is based in Luganville, Santo.

Eye Nurse Practitioner, Monique Tari is appealing to its patients residing in Port Vila, especially those who had set up appointments to go to VCH as scheduled.

The Eye team is encouraging the public and everyone to take good care of their eyes.


Vanuatu main hospital urged to stop polluting lagoon

The Vila Central Hospital was made to put up notices at the start of the year, warning the public against using the lagoon for recreational activities.

The acting director of the Water Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Erie Sami said the hospital ignored an extension to remedy the problem by March, and now at worst risked being shut down.

Mr Sami restated that the discharge of sewage into the lagoon was in breach of the water resources management act, punishable with a penalty of up to $US50,000.