Vila Central Hospital

2 dengue cases reported at Vanuatu’s Vila Central Hospital

The cases had no recent history of travel outside of Vanuatu so the dengue was locally acquired.

They identified in Efate in the areas of Erakor and Salili.

The Ministry of Health has urged residents in Port Vila and surrounding areas to take the necessary steps to prevent infection.

People must wear clothes that cover as much of the body as possible, use mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and other physical barriers such as screens, closed doors and windows.

Vila Central Hospital commemorates World Premature Day

INCU Head Nurse, Angeline Namu, said it is a celebration to raise awareness about the dangers of premature births.

Namu added that the day was initiated by the European Foundation Care for Newborn Infants (EFCNI) in 2008 along with other European parenting organizations.

She explained that premature birth refers to babies born about 35 weeks before their due date with low weight below the minimum which is 2.5kg.

Wanfuteng Bank donates bench to Vila Central Hospital

The bank presented the bench in acknowledgment of the hospital team’s work in monitoring Covid-19 border cases in addition to the already existing demand of day-to-day patients. 

"A metal bench may seem insignificant; but when you are unwell and waiting on test results, it provides a space to sit comfortably and wait. This hopefully will also create a more relaxed environment for the team," said Wilmaraia Vocor, Wanfuteng Bank’s General Manager.

Giving Hands Vanuatu donates wheelchairs to Vila Central Hospital

The charitable organisation aims to raise funds and accept donations repairs and requirements as needed for the hospital.

Founder of Giving Hands Vanuatu, Carissa Jacobe, said, “The hospital has many needs and we are happy to be able to help meet these needs to support the patients.”

“We have done quite a lot of work and donations for the hospital.”

“We have had plumbers fixed handwriting stations, sinks and toilets in the hospital.”

Vanuatu public take advantage of eye-exam services

Vanuatu’s only Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Johnson Kasso is offering eye exam services.

The medical check-ups commenced last week and will end on Friday.

Vanuatu currently has only one expert in this field, Dr Kasso — who is based in Luganville, Santo.

Eye Nurse Practitioner, Monique Tari is appealing to its patients residing in Port Vila, especially those who had set up appointments to go to VCH as scheduled.

The Eye team is encouraging the public and everyone to take good care of their eyes.


Vanuatu main hospital urged to stop polluting lagoon

The Vila Central Hospital was made to put up notices at the start of the year, warning the public against using the lagoon for recreational activities.

The acting director of the Water Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Erie Sami said the hospital ignored an extension to remedy the problem by March, and now at worst risked being shut down.

Mr Sami restated that the discharge of sewage into the lagoon was in breach of the water resources management act, punishable with a penalty of up to $US50,000.

Vanuatu’s first-ever Radiothon collects over Vt3 million for Vila Central Hospital

The money was collected through a first ever 36-hour-live broadcast radiothon organised by the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation.

The initiative stemmed from the VBTC Social Club and they had exchanges with the Vila Central Hospital authorities.

The main referral hospital currently has only four incubators, three others are not functioning well.

VBTC Chief Executive Officer, Francis Herman said people continue to donate even days after the Radiothon.

“Even seasonal workers contributed by sending their money via Western Union.”

Two Vanuatu hospitals receive new medical equipment from Chinese government

The medical equipment arrived in four containers, two each for the hospitals.

The donation includes anesthesia machines, oxygen generators, premature incubator, ECG machines, ICU beds and personnel protective equipment such as medical masks and surgical gowns and caps, shows cover and first-aid packets.

The Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Zhou Haicheng said this is the seventh donation provided by China to Vanuatu in response to COVID-19

Tremendous public support for Vanuatu hospital’s roof repairs appeal

The call for support by the non-profit organisation Helping Hands has attracted the attention of the business community, families, individuals and the Vanuatu diaspora.

Pledges towards the appeal have been made from as far as Tasmania in Australia, by a group of Ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers.

According to Carissa Jacobe of Helping Hands, the issue has started a conversation and awareness about the issues that the national hospital is facing.

Vanuatu radio DJ creates history in radiothon for charity

The radiothon was organized to raise funds to buy incubators for Vila Central Hospital.

DJ Saipresz and his co-host, Joseph ‘Soso” Toms began their quest at 6am Friday, 23 January and ended at 6pm Saturday without sleeping for 36 hours.

Five other colleagues kept vigil over the pair and stayed up for 36 hours as well.

The team of helpers included Rani Taviti, Alexis Arukelena, Steven Able and George Toukone.

The radiothon was organized by Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) Staff Social Club.