Marcos family eye return to power as Philippines votes

The man tipped to win the presidency is Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr, the son of the nation's former dictator.

If polls suggesting a landslide victory pan out, it will mean the powerful Marcos political dynasty, will sweep back into office.

His closest rival is Leni Rebredo who beat Marcos in the 2016 vice-presidential elections.

Thousands of other roles will also be up for grabs in the general election, including senator posts and seats in the House of Representatives.

Trump in three-state campaign blitz after casting vote

He hopped between rallies in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin on Saturday as he sought to make up ground against his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Mr Biden, who holds a steady lead in national polls, campaigned in Pennsylvania, another key state.

Some 57 million votes have already been cast, a record spurred by the pandemic.

The Republican president has continued to hold packed rallies despite a new surge in coronavirus infections that is particularly affecting the Midwest - home to several electoral battlegrounds that could decide the election.

Vanuatu Electoral Commission won’t tolerate threats ahead of general election

Vanuatu will go to the polls on Thursday and campaigning has been vigorous around the country.

Mr Tete said VEC will not tolerate such behaviour and he is calling on members of the public to report any such activity so authorities concerned can take action.

According to Mr Tete, there are reports of voters being threatened and intimidated by some candidates supporters.

Fijians brave heavy rain to vote in election

Weather warnings are in place for the whole of Fiji as more than 550,000 voters make their way to the polling booths.

It is a public holiday in Fiji, which is going to the polls for just the second time in 12 years.

Voters have a choice of 233 candidates, from six political parties, vying for 51 seats.

Voters have been urged to double check where they are due to vote or risk being turned away.

Two-thousand police have been deployed and the military is on stand-by.

The police chief is warning rumour-mongers not to create unnecessary fear.

Australia begins same-sex marriage vote

The survey does not have the power to change the law but could lead to a vote in parliament.

Australian political leaders, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, have said they support the Yes campaign.

People will have until 7 November to cast their vote by mail and results of the voluntary poll are expected on 15 November.

On Sunday ahead of the ballots being mailed out, thousands of Australians rallied in support of the campaign and dressed in rainbow colours.

The No campaign said it remained confident it had strong support.

Voting proceeds for new Vanuatu president

The 58-member electoral college was unable to settle on a final choice after 2 rounds of voting yesterday.

Presbyterian pastor Tallis Obed Moses achieved 32 votes and the former prime minister Maxime Carlot Korman received 23.

Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman is absent from this morning’s proceedings.

Following a query from an electoral member, Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek who is also the Returning Officer for the election clarified that voting will proceed in the absence of a member.

Polling in Papua New Guinea’s NCD deferred

The announcement was made this morning amidst confusion at polling centres.

Loop PNG reports all electorates in the NCD will now vote on Friday.

Polling officials raised concerns that their allowances were not paid last night.

There is also confusion in the electoral roll as most eligible voters cannot find their names on the roll.

Some candidates are also not able to find their names on the electoral roll.

The Electoral Commission apologised for the deferment saying this had to do with issues related to camping allowances for officials.

Voting for a new government in Vanuatu has ended

Official closing time was 4.30pm and major polling stations.

Common issues reportedly faced in most polling stations were the name of a voter did not match that in the electoral roll, or was nowhere to be found on the electoral list.

Polling stations open in Vanuatu

Anti-corruption advocates and others say today's vote is crucial in deciding whether or not the country can veer away from years of political instability.

Every bare wall, fence, and palm tree in Port Vila has been covered in candidate posters in the build-up to today, but many have said it has been a short, hurried campaign.

Ni-Vanuatu can vote in Noumea

A voting booth will be made available in Noumea for the election which is to choose a new parliament.

The election was brought forward by the president after almost a third of MPs were jailed for corruption and the remaining MPs failed to overcome the stalemate in the house.