Vanuatu markets water, sanitation and hygiene preparedness to Covid-19 impacts strengthened

This is important to ensure the markets remain safe and hygienic, and open through the pandemic.

Morris Kaloran, the Secretary General of Shefa Provincial Government Council said, “We are fortunate to receive support from the Markets for Change project to help maintain cleanliness at the markets and protect our vendors. The materials for Marobe market are shared with Beverly Hills, Emua and Melemaat ring-road markets to help them operate through the pandemic.

Water found for first time on potentially habitable planet

The finding makes the world - which is called K2-18b - a plausible candidate in the search for alien life.

Within 10 years, new space telescopes might be able to determine whether K2-18b's atmosphere contains gases that could be produced by living organisms.

Details were published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy.

The lead scientist, Prof Giovanna Tinetti of University College London (UCL) described the discovery as "mind blowing".

Vanuatu schools improve WASH services and promote behaviour change

The workshops established a solid foundation for school leaders – school improvement officers (SIOs), teachers, committee members and handymen – to plan for, carry out and maintain behaviour change activities. Activities include group handwashing, establishing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) committees and student WASH clubs, and making low-cost WASH facility upgrades. 

Water, safe water is simply the way of life.

Safe drinking water, clean hands before eating, and appropriate places to sit-sit are necessary to keep children healthy.

Vanuatu Pentecost buy water by the bucket

Parts of both Vanuatu islands have been blanketed in ash from the latest eruption of the Manaro volcano on Ambae.

The government has a mandatory evacuation of the Ambaeans to Maewo, though some are choosing, at their own expense, to go to Santo or Port Vila.

Our Vanuatu correspondent Godwin Ligo, who works with the Daily Post, said water sources are all polluted with ash but in most villages there are households that have substantial water tanks and they are now selling their water.

Impact from Vanuatu volcanic eruption spreads

RNZ reports conditions are becoming critical in both north Pentecost and south Maewo islands, which are very close to Ambae.

Mt Manaro on Ambae has been erupting intermittently for ten months but an escalation in ash fall over the past two weeks has prompted the government to announce a mandatory evacuation of the island.

Meanwhile neighbouring Maewo and Pentecost are being affected and on north Pentecost the ash has forced people to use torches and lanterns in the middle of the day.

Water a key worry for returning Ambae islanders

The Vanuatu government on Thursday ended the state of emergency with the 11,000 people evacuated from Ambae 3 weeks ago now back on the island.

A provincial disaster official, Manuel Ure, said people are mostly happy to be back but they remained reliant on food and water supplies from the government.

He said many open water sources around the island were contaminated by ash.

How much should you drink to stay hydrated during exercise?

You may need less water than you think but more water than other hydrating beverages

It's that time of year when we encounter lots of advice about the importance of staying hydrated. Among other things, we're told to down at least eight glasses of water a day and to "stay ahead of your thirst" before, during and after exercise to avoid dehydration, which impairs performance and causes harm.

Washing hands in cold water 'as good as hot'

The small study of 20 people found using water at 15C (59F) left hands as clean as water heated to 38C (100F) .

The report, in the Journal of Food Protection, suggests this could help cut electricity bills in restaurants.

NHS advice recommends that people wash their hands in either cold or warm water.

'Bug removal'

In this study, scientists at Rutgers University-New Brunswick wanted to find out if popular assumptions about the benefits of warm or hot water and official guidance on hot water - given to the food industry in the US - held true.

​The existence of perfect water

It has to be alkaline, mineral and hydrogen-rich and a powerful antioxidant.

Does this water exist? It does, according to a 41-year-old Japanese company called Enagic.

For years, the perfect water has been used by many hospitals in Japan to treat patients suffering from many diseases.

The perfect water was collected through a special technology developed, which enhances the quality of any clean water.

What’s in your drinking water?

Why would you care anyway…water is water and does the same thing, right? Wrong!

According to Michelle Tempongko Jones, it’s not.

She is a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, iridologist, anti-ageing practitioner and wellness coach.

Of course the uses for water remain the same, but not its effect when consumed.

All bottled water have different levels of properties, as well as tap water, depending what area it is from.