water tanks

HMS Spey brings aid to Vanuatu devastated by tropical cyclones

The offshore patrol ship's crew helped the inhabitants of the Island restore regular water supplies and brought with them three 10-tonne water tanks, among other aid and equipment.

Tanna was one of 80 islands hit by storms named Judy and Kevin within days of each other at the end of February and the beginning of March, with 120mph strong winds battering the land.

Following the storms, the international community provided initial aid to restore basic services and assist islanders.

New water tanks for Vanuatu’s SANMA province

The tanks are part of the Tropical Cyclone Harold recovery efforts.

The Minister of Education, Samson Samsen and VAS signed an agreement for the project which is worth about VT30 million.

The Principal Education Officer, Marcel Yamsiu said schools in both SANMA and MALAMPA will receive the water tanks.

“This storage should be big enough to store all materials that will be supplied to at least all schools from the northern part of the country.”

Vanuatu Tourism Department donates water tanks to rural tourism operators

The department is taking advantage of the quiet period to provide the water tanks while the borders remain closed to tourists.

Acting Principal Investment Officer Mark Kalotap and Principal Outer Islands Officer Janet Samuel said, “It is important for the tourism operators to be assisted and address areas that need to be addressed, so that when boarders re-open, we are ready to welcome visitors with improved service”.

The water tanks are being provided under the Tourism Support Programme.

NZ provides Vanuatu’s Ambae evacuees with rain harvesting systems

In addition, seven existing community water supply systems have been rehabilitated and improved to cater for the additional evacuees, including the installation of 114 tap stands to improve access to portable drinking water.

“Supporting communities who have been affected by disaster and displacement is part of New Zealand’s commitment to improving humanitarian outcomes in Vanuatu”

With funding from the New Zealand Disaster Response Partnership, ADRA Vanuatu has addressed the WASH needs of displaced Ambae people living on Maewo.

3,000 Vanuatu villagers benefit from rainwater tanks

The project aims at improving water, sanitation and hygiene situation of communities in Vanuatu.

It started with phase 1 in 2016,on Tanna island where 10 communities benefited from the construction of rainwater harvesting systems, tap stands, water pumps and latrines depending on the community needs.

The second phase targeted the province of Sanma (Santo /Malo), specifically communities from East Santo: Waisale, Manioc, Sara 2, Loran; South Santo: Sarete area 2; Lijiwi at Fanafo, Windau and Vusvongo at Big Bay Bush, Wael buluk at Stone hill, Malokilikili on Malo island.

LDS Charities help restore clean water supply for Vanuatu villagers

The villagers, who are in an area called End of Airport, were affected by rain and wind during Cyclone Donna earlier this year.

Torrents of water changed the landscape, destroyed food gardens and fouled the natural water sources, according to a report on Mormon Newsroom.

“Although there were water tanks throughout the community—they had fallen into disrepair and were dirty and unusable.”

The volunteers of LDS Charities which is the welfare arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints came to the villagers rescue.

Nandiutu school benefits from new water tanks

Three new water tanks with a total capacity of 26,000 litres were commissioned at the school recently.

The water tanks are funded by the government of New Zealand.

According to the school Principal Mr Joel Daniels, the aim of the New Zealand Scheme application is because it complies with the NBJSS strategic plan for 2014-2018. It also complies with certain school policies such as risk management, student welfare and student health and safety.