LG monitor 'does not work near wi-fi'

The LG Ultrafine 5K monitor costs almost £900 and is promoted as an external display for Mac devices.

But customers noticed the display flickered or switched off when near a wi-fi router and some posted negative reviews on Apple's website.

LG told the BBC that customers should change the location of their display.

"Monitor arrived today and the picture flickered on or off when using with a brand new Macbook Pro," wrote one reviewer.

Dumbass teen named his WiFi after ISIS but the joke went serious, facing prison

But some people cross the limits when it comes showing the level of insanity they possess. They don’t even realize they might be putting their hands into a fireplace which would burn them. An 18-year-old guy in Dijon, France did the same thing.

The guy – whose name is not known – wanted to have some fun time and named his Wireless SSID “Daesh 21” after the Islamic State – a wholesale killing organization. The number 21 is a part of Dijon’s area code.


Vodafone follows EE's lead with a WiFi calling service

The service allows users to make and receive calls over a wireless internet connection, so the old 'I had no signal' excuse isn't going to fly for much longer.

Pay-monthly customers on a Vodafone Red Bundle will receive the update in "the coming weeks".

Unlike EE's WiFi calling, the service will not require a separate app, kicking in whenever the customer connects to a WiFi network.

Not only does WiFi calling keep you connected when your signal is poor, it allows users to make calls in places where they couldn't before, like the London Underground.