Vanuatu woman tested Covid-19 positive dies

South Santo Area Two Council Administrator, Terry Daniel, said the SANMA Rural Health authority confirmed on Sunday that the deceased had tested positive for Covid-19.

Daniel said. “By that time, the person had died. I had to put a lockdown on Sarete Village, according to the confirmation from SANMA Health. 

The village is now on lockdown, while waiting for SANMA Health to carry out contact tracing as of today (Tuesday).”

He said the deceased had an underlying condition and had visited the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) for a check-up.

Woman wakes up alone on dark, parked plane

Tiffani Adams said she fell asleep while flying from Quebec to Toronto on 9 June. When she woke up, she was freezing cold and still buckled into her seat, but the aircraft was parked.

She said she had experienced "reoccurring night terrors" since the incident took place.

Air Canada has confirmed the incident occurred and is investigating.

Ms Adams said on Facebook that she woke up "around midnight [a few hours after the flight landed] freezing cold still trapped in my seat in complete darkness."

She said the experience was "terrifying".


Pregnant teenage model dies during railway photoshoot in Texas

A photo of Fredzania Thompson, taken moments before the incident in Navasota, Texas, has been shared by her family.

Local police report that Fredzania, who was pregnant at the time, stepped out of the way of one train and was then hit by another.

It was her first ever photoshoot, her mother told local newspaper, The Eagle.