Facebook rolls out dating app in the US

The social media behemoth used predominantly by baby boomers and their friends is attempting to sexy up its image with a dating app.

Facebook Dating launched on Friday in the United States, a service for those 18 and older. 

The platform, reportedly displayed as a separate tab on the mobile app, seeks to match users with common interests who aren't already friends. 

Similar to pre-existing dating apps Bumble and Hinge, you can then send a cutie a 'like' and a corresponding message. 

However if you've always wanted to make a move on one of your friends, now's your chance. According to The Verge, there's also a 'secret crush' feature which lets you express interest in up to nine Facebook friends (or Instagram followers). If you both like each other, you’ll get a notification letting you know. 

“Probably one of the best notifications of their life,” product manager Nathan Sharp optimistically told The Verge.

A progressive move for the app is a 'shield' feature for friends and family members to keep tabs on you when meeting a new person. You can share details of an upcoming date using Facebook Messenger, as well as sharing your live location.

In addition to the United States, the service is now live in several other countries including Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

According to Facebook the product will reach Europe early next year, Facebook said, but no word on when it will be available for Australian and New Zealand users.