2 New Channels for Digicel TV

Digicel Vanuatu today announced the introduction of two new channels, Zee Cinema and DaVinci Kids.

Digicel Vanuatu CEO, Deepak Khanna, said; “We’re delighted to be able to secure the two channels for our viewers experience. With the current situation on COVID 19, the need of the hour is to practice social distancing. While, each one of you are being a responsible citizen and being safe at your home sweet home, keeping you company to keep this pandemic at bay will be our new channel with non-stop 24 hours entertainment with a special bouquet of movie titles.”

DaVinci Kids channel has 2500 plus videos that answer the real questions kids have. With humour, imagination and meaningful educational takeaways covering, Science, Math and Technology, History and personalities, culture, life and nature and sports.

“Da Vinci Kids is designed to help give your child the superpowers of knowledge, creativity and curiosity – which we believe are the drivers of intellect,” commented Mr. Khanna.