Anti-domestic violence workshop organised in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Women Centre acknowledges the role of the Port Vila Town Town Council of Chiefs to help combat domestic violence in Port Vila and it has organised a workshop with them this week in Port Vila.

Vanuatu Women Centre coordinator, Tatavola Matas, said her organization deals with survivors of domestic violence and violence against women which is a growing problem in Vanuatu.

Tatavola Matas said chiefs are very respected people in the communities and Vanuatu Women Centre recognises the opportunity to work in collaboration with the chiefs to address domestic violence in the community.

Matas said the workshop is an opportunity where women and chiefs can share information and come up with some ways forward to address violence against women in Port Vila town.

She said chiefs have bigger networks around Vanuatu for this information to be shared and earlier research by the Vanuatu Woman Centre and Vanuatu National Statistic Office has shown most survivors of violence go to the chiefs first for help.