China donates 250 stainless steel rubbish bins to Port Vila City

Port Vila has received a major boost to efforts to keep their city clean.

The city council received 250 stainless steel rubbish bins from China.

Port Vila city Mayor, Eric Puyo-Festa said he is grateful to the assistance of the Chinese government.

He called on the public not to damage the rubbish bins.

“Under Municipal by-law, people caught littering will be fined at the spot and people who don’t have money will be subject to community works.”

“We want to thank the municipal staff who are cleaning our CBD every morning. These bins will help the good works they are doing,” he explained.”

Festa also confirmed that they are also working on installing solar lights in the CBD.

DG of Ministry of Internal affairs, Cherol Ala also commended this initiative.

Ala said, “this type of investments show the strong partnership Port Vila city has with China”.

“This is a milestone achievement and will continue to see more assistance from China in the coming years,” she added.

She said the municipal wardens are doing their job but members of the public must also play their part.