Fiberglass Vanuatu wins bid to supply solar Fiberglass Refrigeration system

Fiberglass Vanuatu in partnership with RME Electrical will now supply a ‘plug and play’ fully integrated off grid solar fiberglass refrigeration system to tourism operators in the rural areas..

The system is designed, manufactured and fitted with high quality Australian made equipment.

The Managing Director of Fiberglass Vanuatu, Geordie Mackenzie stated, “Our Fiber Ice off grid solar refrigeration systems are able to withstand a harsh environment which is representative of life in our rural areas. We understand the needs of our rural people and have worked with RME Electrical to develop a product to meet these needs. The freezers are made of long lasting non corrosive fiberglass material and high quality parts. Continual testing shows Fiber Ice systems are able to hold -25 degrees and maintain -18 degrees for extended periods of time as per International Food Standards. This is excellent performance considering the likely delay in arranging repairs in remote locations”.

James Bule (MP), Minister of Tourism signed a contract with Mackenzie for the supply of solar fiberglass refrigeration systems to tourism operators in all six provinces.

It’s part of the Produktif Turism Blong Yumi Initiative.

Minister Bule said the ‘Fibre Ice’ solar refrigeration is looking very promising.

“Considering the 10-year warranty and impressive results from testing of the ‘Fibre Ice’ systems and the fact that it’s supplied by a reputable local business gives me great confidence. As Minister responsible for tourism I want to see more collaborative business models such as this with genuine partnerships between foreign and local businesses going forward”.


Photo supplied Caption: Minister of Trade, Tourism James Bule signs the agreement with FGV Geordie Mackenzie.




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