Flights to take Ni-Vanuatu students to Fiji postponed

Flights that were to get Ni-Vanuatu scholarship students to Fiji have been postponed.

The two flights were scheduled to take the students on Friday.

The Ministry of Education and Training said the Scholarship Board will make a decision.

The students will be undertaking studies at various universities under the sponsorship of the Vanuatu Government and through the Member’s Education Support Scheme of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund.

Semester One of the University of the South Pacific (USP) will commence on Monday, 1 March.

The briefing for both Vanuatu Government and MESS sponsored students, which was scheduled on Friday as announced by the Ministry of Education, and Training was also postponed until further notice.

The Minister of Education, Seoule Simeon, said the flights were postponed because the ministry, through the Scholarship Office needs to sort out some things which include funding.

VNPF is covering tuition fees, air fares and accommodation while the National Scholarship Officer provides allowances under MESS.