Leaders Party MPs join Vanuatu’s Opposition bloc

The president of Leaders Party Vanuatu (LPV) Jotham Napat says all eight of its parliamentarians will sit with the Opposition when parliament resumes for the extra ordinary session this week.

The LPV announced its decision after lengthy consultations with party colleagues and constituents.

Napat said he and his colleagues also met with the Prime Minister to learn why he and former Minister Matai Seremaiah were terminated from their positions.

‘We met with the prime minister for over an hour and he expressed his regret over our terminations”, Napat said.

“The PM told us it was not his choice or wish to terminate us yet some members of his government felt it was in their interests to do so in order to try to hold their seats in 2020.

“After the meeting all LPV MPs spoke with their party members and constituents and all were advised the people had lost trust and confidence in the current government”, he said.

Napat said the calls from constituents throughout Vanuatu were loud and clear.

“We are a party that listens to our members and the people we were elected to serve. We do not tolerate self-interest in our party and had hoped those members from other parties in government would put the interests of the nation first, like we are committed to doing.”

Napat said the prime minister thanked him for his service and acknowledged LPV’s loyalty.

“It is my understanding the PM is aware our termination was motivated by jealousy and insecurity only. Those MPs that wanted us gone - we have advice for them. Do your jobs, represent your people and deliver much needed projects that help Vanuatu prosper. That’s how you get support in your communities - not by serving yourselves.”


Photo supplied Caption: LPV President Jotham Napat


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