Mixed feelings on Ambae as permanent evacuation considered

There are mixed feelings on Ambae as the island's volcano continues to erupt and the Vanuatu government considers a permanent evacuation of the island.

Heavy ashfall from the volcano last month covered parts of the island collapsing buildings, contaminating water supplies and killing off food crops.

Thousands of people have been relocated to safer parts on the island but the Vanuatu Council of Ministers is considering permanently evacuating Ambae.

New Zealand volcanologist, Brad Scott has been supporting the Vanuatu Geohazards Department to monitor the eruption.

Mr Scott was on Ambae last week and said there were mixed reactions to the proposed evacuation.

"Some people are only impacted in a small way and they are still pretty happy and very proud of their island. Other people have been very severely impacted and it is a significant sort of humanitarian issue for those people that are impacted heavily."

Brad Scott said the volcano had been quiet for a few days now but the Vanuatu Geohazards Department is keeping a close watch on it as it's likely to continue erupting.