Not enough schools to accommodate relocated Ambae children

In Vanuatu limited number of early childhood and primary schools on Maewo cannot accommodate the estimated 800 children who have been relocated there due to the Ambae volcanic eruption.

Many of the 10,000 residents of Ambae, which was evacuated this month, have relocated to Maewo and Santo.

The Daily Post reported an estimated 250 early childhood and 550 primary school children arrived on Maewo, but there are only 17 existing kindergartens and 7 primary schools in host communities.

An initial assessment of the Education Cluster also noted a serious lack of teachers among evacuated Ambae communities.

All schools in Vanuatu are closed for two weeks break, but will be resuming classes on August 27.

But with some schools on Maewo being used as evacuation centres, the government will have to make some quick decisions now to relocate people in the schools before classes resume.

Meanwhile, Save the Children is setting up what it calls "Friendly spaces" comprising white tents to be used as temporary classrooms for the displaced students.