Pleas for Vanuatu govt to help relocated Ambae students

Vanuatu's government has been urged to address the worsening situation faced by students relocated from volcano-affected Ambae Island.

Due to the ongoing eruption of Ambae's Manaro volcano, some of the island's communities relocated to neighbouring islands of Maewo and Santo.

This includes hundreds of students whose schools were affected by volcanic ash fall which has also destroyed much of Ambae's vegetation.

However since last month concerns have mounted about the living conditions the children were placed in.

According to the Daily Post, a doctor on Maewo claims Ambae students studying at Gambule School are highly traumatised and must be repatriated to their home island to minimise the risk of mental illness.

His report also cites lack of food, and primitive living conditions faced by the students and their teachers from Ambae.

Chiefly representatives and Members of Parliament from Ambae have called for the government to help them find a solution.

They have advised the government not to rely on reports from the National Disaster Management Office, saying its reports are out of date.