Reggae Faea music festival successful in Port Vila

The popular music event Reggae Faea was host successfully in Port Vila yesterday afternoon.

Reggae Faea is the only music-led health campaign advocating for the sexual and reproductive health issues and rights of the people of Vanuatu.

Local music bands share messages about the positive benefits of family planning to your life.

Port Vila Municipal youth President John Botleng expressed that Reggae Faea’s purpose is “to provide a safe and friendly platform for young people to learn about their health through music, which is a powerful tool to bring people together, to share information, and to express oneself.”

The music event hosted yesterday was part of the week-long celebrations of International Youth Week in Port Vila.

Reggae Faea was created by a group of youth volunteers based at the Vanuatu Family Health Association.

The first event was staged in 2010 on the Seafront and aligned with World AIDS Day (every year on 1st of December) therefore initially focusing on the issue of HIV/AIDS, particularly how to prevent and reduce its spread.

This year, Reggae Faea’s theme is “Family Planning”

It encourages people to think about when they will start a family.

Additionally, it is important for people to consider how many children they want, how to space their children, and when they will stop having children.

The event aims to inform people to help them answer these questions for themselves.

The event was supported by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Vanuatu Family Health Association.



Photo Reggae Faea/Facebook    

Tensly Sumbe
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