SMART Sista ready for Mexico

Five members of SMART Sista will be leaving Vanuatu for Mexico to participate in the 2018 first global robotic competition.

This is the second time SMART Sista is taking part in a renowned global tech competition.

The event convenes students who have passion in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

SMART Sistas chairman Rodney Philemon says “The girls are working hard and look forward to flying the Vanuatu flag at this International Robotics competition at Mexico City.”

“The girls work hard and are eager to learn, it’s really a joy to work with them,” says Philemon, who is also the young women’s mentor.

“We work together put our ideas together which actually made a good robot and it’s because of our team work”

In the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge, changing alliances of three nations will compete to fuel power plants, initiate renewable energy plants, and build a resilient transmission network.

The theme for the Competition is on ‘Energy Impact’ from commonly used fossil fuels to environmentally-friendly resources like solar and wind.

FIRST Global is not only challenging the SMART Sistas and youth around the world to build a robot, but they are challenging them to think critically about the global challenges of today and prepare for those of tomorrow.

SMART is an acronym for Sistas Mastering Advanced Real Technology.


Photo Facebook/SMART Sista


Tensly Sumbe
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