UNDP, Vanuatu RTI Unit training on implementation of RTI Law

Thirty-five enthusiastic nominees for Right To Information (RTI) Officers in Vanuatu’s government and statutory agencies will be undertaking a three days extensive training next month to familiarise themselves with their roles and responsibilities under t

The training is organised by the Right to Information Unit in partnership with UNDP from 9th to 13th April 2018. Mrs Aylair Livingstone and Mrs Lavenia Rokovucago will be representing UNDP as RTI Consultants facilitating this training.

Mrs Livingstone has contributed to the development of the National RTI Policy and drafting of the RTI Act with assistance from the RTI Steering Committee and the State Law Office.

It is hoped that this training will help in mainstreaming the right to information in the Vanuatu public service, and in turn improving the overall freedom of expression environment for not only media but all citizens of Vanuatu.

The trainings will cover topics such as the importance of the right to information, role of RTI officer, summary of steps of processing a RTI request and appeals, as well as issues such as proactive disclosure, and how to interpret exemptions in the RTI Law.

In addition, a one-day training is planned for officers of the RTI Unit and a day is also allocated for members of the RTI Steering Committee.

This is the first RTI training organised for Right to Information officials in Vanuatu. It is a huge step forward in the implementation of the RTI Law. We also know that for a culture of disclosure to flourish, there needs to be a system of ongoing training for other public servants at each public body.

An invitation has been sent out to all Government Agencies and Relevant Private Entities by Prime Minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas to nominate their RTI Officers to represent their agencies in this coming training.  Nominations of RTI Officers in agencies are being sent in to the RTI Unit and has been finalised. The training will be hosted at the Multifunctional Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office.


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