Vanuatu Covid-19 case no longer contagious, second case remains in isolation

One of two people tested positive for Covid-19 at a quarantine facility in Vanuatu no longer has the virus.

A medical assessment has confirmed that the person is no longer contagious and is being discharged from the isolation ward at Vila Central Hospital.

The Ministry of Health said discharge from isolation was delayed to enable the medical team to conduct further investigations to confirm the Covid-19 infection status.

They were held for an extended period until the medical team could conclude they were fully recovered and provide health clearance.

The person in question is considered as a recovered case because they no longer have virus in their body and pose no risk of Covid-19 infection to anyone else.

Two people who arrived from New Caledonia on 22 October were confirmed to have Covid-19.

The second person who remains in isolation requires additional medical assessment to confirm they are recovered and therefore not contagious before they can be released from isolation.

“We can consider that these cases of Covid-19 delta variant have been successfully contained and managed in quarantine and isolation, with no close contact with anyone throughout the entire process of arrival, quarantine and isolation.”

There has been no Covid-19 cases detected in the community and no evidence of community transmission.

Efate and Offshore Islands remain at Alert Level 1 (Medium risk) due to one case still in isolation.

Everywhere else in Vanuatu remains at Alert Level 0 (Low risk).


Phot file  Caption: Port Vila