Vanuatu Institute of Technology offers 14 courses

The Vanuatu Institute of Technology will be presenting 14 courses for potential students this year. Enrolment for the courses started this week.

The courses that are available are:

Certificate Level I: Certificate I in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (furniture making), Certificate I in Electrotechnology, Certificate I in Automotive Engineering.

Certificate Level II: Certificate II in Business (Administration services), Certificate II in Computing ( Computer supports/software and hardware), Certificate II in Construction (General construction) Certificate II in Mechanical engineering (metal production), Certificate II in Hospitality (Food preparation), Certificate II in Hospitality ( Accommodation services), Certificate II in Tourism (Tour operations, Certificate II in Tourism ( Customer Services), Certificate II in Fine Arts and Crafts.

Certificate III: Certificate III in Resilience (Climate Change &Disaster Risk Reduction)

Certificate IV: Certificate IV in Finance (Accounting).