Vanuatu National Youth Council President appeals for security priority of children, youth

Vanuatu National Youth Council (VNYC) President, Morry Reuben has appealed to everyone especially parents and guardians to consider the security of children and young people as a priority.

His key word in this campaign is ‘stop.’

Rueben’s appeal is in light of an increased number of unexpected killings involving young people in Vanuatu last month.

“This should be an eye opener for parents as care takers. Our Children, our youth are our leaders for tomorrow who will lead our country forward. Murdering them or doing something that results in their suicide is not our culture and should not be entertained,” Reuben said.

He said it is really heartbreaking to witness the increasingly number of teenagers who have been allegedly murdered or have committed suicide.

Vanuatu media and social media have published a lot of information about the alleged murder of a student as well as a suicide case reported in Santo.

These cases have also influenced a number of encouragements circulating on social media (Face book); especially young girls to act safely and defend themselves when necessary, as well as parents or guardians to be more watchful of their children’s whereabouts when they are not at home.

 “I am appealing to everyone, especially murderers to stop this kind of attitude. Where will we end up if we were to continue murdering or involved in incidents that result in our children committing suicides?” Why innocent teenagers? Are we even reflecting who we really are with these murders? Are we valuing our Motto that says ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’?”, Reuben questioned.

“Parents, you are role models for your children. You have a very big responsibility to play, especially their safety. Let’s be reminded that whatever you do or say is very important. Avoid telling problems to children while they are trying their best to achieve a better education, instead, try using your best ‘Problem-Solving skills’ when it comes to challenges. Encourage them to think safety and act safely”, Reuben said.




Tensly Sumbe