Vanuatu National Youth Policy signals a new era in youth development

The Minister for Youth Development and Sports, Willie Pakoa Satearoto, Director General of the Ministry- Henry Vira and the President of the Vanuatu National Youth Council, Morry Ruben have signed a National Youth Policy.

The signing of the policy signals a new era in youth development for Vanuatu and indicates a bright step ahead for our young people for the next 5 years and ahead.

 “I am very delighted to sign the national youth policy and I have seen the importance of our young people having a policy in place”, Minister Satearoto said after signing the policy.

“We are soon to commemorate our 40 years independence anniversary; therefore, I am grateful for every effort done to have a policy in place and in time”, he said.

Director General for the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Henry Vira said that having a youth and sports policy is an indication that we are ready to grow and move forward in terms of supporting our young people and sports development for this country.

The policy was also signed by the President of the Vanuatu National Youth Council- Morry Ruben, representing all young people of Vanuatu.

 “On behalf of the Vanuatu National Youth Council, I am excited to present the Vanuatu National Youth Policy 2019-2024. This policy builds on previous documents which provided a strategic platform for youth to recognise their rights and responsibilities. We need to recognise that we cannot progress without partnering with our youth to ensure that they are empowered and supported to build a better world for themselves and their community. It is abundantly clear that through partnering with youth, supporting them to stand up for themselves whilst providing foundational frameworks for their collective ability to thrive, will ensure sustainable development for everyone”, Mr Morry was quote on policy.

Principal administrator for the Vanuatu National Youth Council, Mr Joe Kalo said the policy signing during our 40th independence anniversary is an indication that our focus for the next 40 years is for young people to be centered in the agenda of the peoples plan. 

“Young people have always demanded support from government through the Ministry of Youth Development and sports, it is this youth policy that will outline how the government will come in to support youth services in all levels of development.”, Mr Kalo said.

Mr Kalo added that the youth policy consultation has involved representative of all 6 Provincial Youth Councils and 2 Municipal Youth Councils including civil and Government agencies, youth stakeholders/ network as well as individual youth and community leaders.

The signing of the policy was witnessed by newly appointed Director for youth development and sports, Henry Tavoa; President for the Port Vila Municipal Youth Council and same time secretary of the National Youth Council representing all Provincial Youth and Municipal Presidents, Mr John Botleng; CEO of the Vanuatu National Sports Commission, Mr Trevor Toka; Staff of the Ministry, Youth Council, Sports Commission;  youth interns and media representatives.

Photo supplied Caption: Minister Willie Satearoto and DG Henry Vira- introducing the National Youth Policy.



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