Vanuatu Opposition’s motion of no confidence ready for Tuesday

The Office of Speaker of Parliament has confirmed that 9 Members of Parliament from the Opposition deposited a motion of no confidence against Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai yesterday afternoon.

The Office of Speaker has also confirmed that 9 opposition MPs signed the motion and it was deposited by the MP for Efate constituency, Joshua Kalsakau.

The mover of the motion is the leader of the opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau and seconded by his deputy, Fred Tasso from Paama constituency.

The reasons of the motion:

1. The signing of PACER PLUS against the will of backbenchers and the members of parliament including the private sector of Vanuatu.

2. The possible introduction of Income Tax

3. The failure by the government to implement the decentralization policy supported by majority of members of parliament

4. The Prime Ministers tolerance of incompetence by Ministers in the government

5. The Prime Ministers tolerance of corruption within the government

6. The Prime Ministers tolerance of outstanding government revenues totaling over VT 4 billion.

 Until this morning the Opposition has 9 MPs but in order to pass the motion next week, Mr Kalsakau needs the support of another 18 MPs.

A government release said currently the Opposition does not have 27 MPs.

It means that the Opposition has to fish on government MPs to get the 18 MPs.

Since last 3 weeks, the Opposition made attempts to get the signature of government MPs but it was not successful.

The Opposition also circulated misleading information that some of the government MPs have approached them and demanding to hold government ministries but it was the opposition who make them the offer.

Some of the government MPs said that they have received phone calls from the opposition to sign the motion and in return, they will be allocated ministries.

There are allegations that the sponsors of the opposition's motion have even paid air ticket for a government MP.

If it was the case, it could be alleged as bribery of officials and there is already a precedent in Vanuatu's court.

Meanwhile, as Mr Kalsakau deposited his motion yesterday, government met at the PM’s office to be briefed about government bills.

The attendance of the caucus showed clearly that government still commands the majority of the 52 members of parliament.