Vanuatu Opposition wants answers

Vanuatu’s Opposition leader is claiming the county's prime minister of bending rules for certain MPs, suggesting this has caused Covid-19 to enter into the community.

In a statement Ralph Regenvanu called for Prime Minister, Bob Loughman, his deputy, Ishmael Kalsakau, and MP Tony Iauko, to be investigated for their role in causing the coronavirus outbreak.

Regenvanu made several claims against the three men, including Loughman's decision to lift a travel ban on incoming flights last month - that he claims was specifically to allow Mr Kalsakau to return to Port Vila.

He alleged Iauko breached Covid-19 protocols by entering and exiting the quarantine facilities, unlawfully "to socialise".

As a result, the MP came into contact with at least 120 other ni-Vanuatu people in the community, who have now travelled to other parts of the country.

He also claimed Kalsakau left quarantine last Sunday - when he was supposed to remain in isolation for another seven days - without the proper authorisation from the Director of Public Health.

Regenvanu said the political leaders acted in their personal and political interests and put the wider population at risk.

He has called for Loughman to resign.

RNZ Pacific has sought comment from the Vanuatu Government


Photo: Hilaire Bule  Caption: Ralph Regenvanu, Leader of the Opposition in Vanuatu.