Vanuatu Parliament to debate no confidence motion this afternoon

Vanuatu’s Parliament will resume 4pm today (local time) to debate the Motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

Both the Government and the Opposition bloc claim to have numbers.

The Government claims to have 33 Members of Parliament on its side and the Opposition also claims to have 30 MPs on its side to topple Prime Minister Salwai.

During the parliament session yesterday more MPs were sitting on the Government side than that of the Opposition side.

The Government bloc had 33 MPs after the court case on Unity Day, while the Opposition claimed it has numbers and maintained 30 over last weekend.

On Friday last week in Parliament, 30 MPs were on the government side and 18 MPs on the Opposition side.

The opposition’s motion for a vote had initially been rejected by the Speaker, Esmon Saimon, but they successfully sought a Supreme Court ruling on Thursday last week.



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