Vanuatu parliament sit today to form a coalition govt

An MP for Vanuatu's oldest political party says the next government will have to overcome one of the countries greatest-ever challenges.

The Vanuatu parliament will sit for the first time since the election today, where a new coalition government will be formed.

A massive rebuild lies ahead in the wake of the extensive destruction caused by Cyclone Harold, and the country's tourism-dependent economy has been shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Johnny Koanapo, whose Vanua'aku Pati has signed an agreement with the previously opposition Union of Moderates Party, said whichever bloc forms government has a massive task.

"Four provinces have basically been drastically affected, that's a problem on top of a big problem of Covid-19."

"What's going to be on the agenda for any government of the day would have to be policies that activate the economy," he said.