Vanuatu promotes 'Gudfala Kakai Policy' to address NCDs

Various stakeholders led by the Agriculture Ministry have developed the ‘Gudfala Kakai Policy’ aimed at increasing production of local food to ensure Vanuatu is healthy at all times.

The Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Antoine Ravo, said the policy sets out how different stakeholders within the agriculture sector, trade and tourism can all contribute to address NCD issues.

“Today, NCD is a major concern in our society but we need a roadmap to address healthy food or healthy diet to stay healthy.

“The Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity (MALFFB) has developed this roadmap 'Gudfala Kakai Policy' to provide directions to different stakeholders to ensure that by end of 2030, the 'Gudfala Kakai Policy' framework will achieve its principal billers stimulating changes in our rural settings and even changes in our individual lives”.

“We acknowledge the support of FAO and also DFAT through PHAMA Plus programme for providing assistance to facilitate the "Gudfala Kakai Policy' that will be launched soon,” Ravo said.

He also acknowledged the Departments under MALFFB, Ministry of Trade, private sectors and other projects implementing various activities under the policy and their support to ensure we have a 'Gudfala Kakai Policy'.


Photo supplied Caption: Director Antoine Ravo (right) hands out shirts to promote the “Gudfala Kakai Policy”



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