Vanuatu Public Health staff display new uniform

The Vanuatu Department of Public Health has become the first department within the ministry to have its own uniform.

The staff will now have their own uniform after years of wearing one that belongs to the Ministry of Health team.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has made it clear that it wants to see all departments and ministries under its jurisdiction to have their own uniforms and logo to allow visibility and emphasize the department values.

Acting Director of Public Health, Donald Pelam said having a uniform creates a sense of belonging and togetherness.

”Having a uniform reinforces the idea that we are a team,” he said.

”There are many departments under the MoH. We will be able to identify ourselves as a team with our new uniform.”

Pelam also urged public health staff to start wearing their uniforms not only to the office but when they are on official travel to rural areas to maintain the department’s integrity.

The new uniform was launched today (Tuesday).