Vanuatu Red Cross assesses damage after Cyclone Donna

Contamination of water and damage to toilets are some of the concerns in the provinces hit by Cyclone Donna in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Red Cross Organisational Development Coordinator, Dickinson Tevi says contamination of water is an issue and this will lead to concerns about sanitation.

Tevi also expressed concerns about a limited stock of drugs available if there is an outbreak of diseases in Torres at this point in time.

He confirmed to Loop Vanuatu of reports received by Red Cross from Merelava Island of a woman sustaining some serious injuries to her eye after a door slammed on her face.

“A woman has received some serious injuries and is currently being treated and cared for at the local dispensary on Merelava Island”.

“There has been also news of one unconfirmed death on Hiu Island in Torres but the cause is not known yet,” said Tevi.

A number of evacuation centers were opened and apart from classroom buildings and churches, two main caves on the island of Hiu and Loh were also used explained Tevi.

Vanuatu Red Cross is planning to provide 300 shelter kits for the Torba Province as well as other provinces hit by the cyclone.


Photo by Vanuatu Red Cross Facebook: Monitoring reports from Vanuatu Red Cross branches of the impact of Cyclone Donna 



Anishma Prasad